the winners
other songs 2006

Second international contest OTHER SONGS
on the theme of Intercultural Dialogue


1. Ia Nei
"Ia Nei", the winner of this edition, is written in a made-up, non-existent language...
 2. Missione e sottomissione
Jolaurlo / IT
What need to change? Man's will to prevail…
3. Je n’suis pas raciste
Nordine Berarma / FR
I do not like Arabs, unless my friend Moktar, but he is not the same...
 4. No more - ليس بعد
Bassistinti / IT
Indian, South American, black African, Lombardo, Sicilian brother, contamination of diverse cultures exploited by logical and perverse rules...
5. Touab! Touab!
Nikodem Rautsko / FR, PL
The sight of a French tourist arriving in Dakar confronted to the vision of the Senegalese people looking at him.
 6. We Shall Overcome - سوف ننتصر
Nathalie André / FR
We'll walk hand in hand, we'll walk hand in hand someday.
7. Contrarietà - انزعاج
Massakritica / IT
You’re either with the new empire or there is no pity for you, a single state now dominates the entire world, offering a future of peace and wealth founded upon war...
 8. Swiadek (Witness) - شاهد
Kamil Haidar / PL, SY
Little children cry, this is how fear wins.
9. Loco por soñar
Los Niños de los Ojos Rojos / ES
I see a lot of violence, a lot of mediocrity, without the essence of life I'm nothing, but I hope not to end in an asylum or to write for a pilot...
 10. Donner la Vie - هبوا الحياة
Ilyes Yangui / FR
This song, about environment protection, has been recorded with a child band.

Special Distinction

  Appels d’amours
Ahmed Mejri / Tunisienne
Calls of love: Give us your hand, Let's fight for the victims
   Chocolat d'or
Pascal Garry, Philippe Thivet / Fr
Yes, I have golden-chocolate skin, like a sinful treat, with the aroma of North Africa, where I was born, no matter what they say
  Compétences Universelles
The world is a garden which is like a grain in their hands...
   Echoes of Gaia - أصداء جايا
Deo Grech / Maltese
If our earth could speak, It would cry out the pain, For children without care…
  Hold me - Embrasse moi
Margarita Kefalaki / GR
When I travel with my imagination in desirable paths, each beat of my heart call your name...
   Homme de couleur
You miss African warmth, solitude gnaws at you, with no real friends to lean on, you advance solo…
  Il ya des années et moi je t'appelle
Bensmail Fatah / Algérie
"It Was Years Ago and I Call you", song by the Association "Stars de la Jeunesse, based in Algeria
   Ils s'aimèrent
Lucie Darm / Fr
She thought that the angels, Lived in the clouds, He didn't have the time, To look at the sky
Meriam Azizi Duo Bostan / Tunisia
I will born again with a tie of your eyes...
Bangril / Fr
Listen to the poet sing, He is recalling his ancestors, the joys and the torment of bygone days, Listen to the poet sing
  La guerra e la gente
Riccardo Lana / It
The war umiliated us, it has taken our eyes away
   Life and Pace
Muhammed Hosni / Egypt
Our sense of life is the same, so why are we so apart, in life ?
  Melancia Vida
Iago Abitbol Bodinaux / Belgian
It's in the watermelon, that I saw life, It's in life, that I hated watermelon
   Nostalgia - حنين
Ahmed Hafez / Egypt
Instrumental song from a yuong Egyptian author
  Returning Territories - عودة الأرض
Yarona Caspi / Israely
Give me back my territory, where the soul’s in flames, wants itself all to itself...
Tonino Coccia / It
As a car that has to be distroyed, you are not useful anymore, you will end your days waiting...
  Sandra's Letter - خطاب ساندرا
Ady Cohen / Israeli
I believe that the time of PEACE will not come too late
   Taam el byout - طعم البيوت
Massar Egbari / Egypt
taste of houses
  Tubi sul molo
Petrolio (Massimo Panariello) / It
I'm frustrated because I'm a human being...