the winners
other songs 2007

Third international contest OTHER SONGS
on the theme of Intercultural Dialogue


  A ballad for the lost
Lot Lorien (Bulgaria) & Latif Bolat (Turkey) / BG, TR
Song which mixes a Turkish text by Yunus Emre, a 13th Century Turkish poet and a Bulgarian text by Luben Karavelov, a 19th Century Bulgarian poet.
   Abre las fronteras
Jahmila / IT, ES
Kefta Brother (Aniorte2Menu) / FR, ES
   Danse des souvenirs
Meriam Azizi, Aminos (keybord) / TN
Peace to him whose heart is pure, whose sweet voice never terrorises, whose words are only wisdom and distant stories.
  Grand-mere (Henna)
Ouafa Merras (Tamiri) / MA
Grandmother, I am going to make your bed myself, And I am going to make up your eyes, And I dress you myself, I am going to make up your lips, And I comb your hair.
Giovanni Di Santo / IT
  Lejos de casa (Lontano da casa)
Alessandro Paci / IT
   Les Rats de Marée
Cyril Adda / FR
Let us dance to the rhythm of the tides, On the broken waves. The wind sweeps over the hills, Tomorrow we will cross the summits!
  Motive Power (Energia Motriz)
Nuno Rodrigues / PT
Everyday is a world to built, Each arm is a way of helping: A motive power, with the will of having and being, Surrounded by the greatest truth: The freedom to see the dawn of the most audacious day!
   Nel fuoco
Luca Bianchino / IT
Benalia Mourad / FR
I have so many things that I regret in this past, that I spend all my nights in solitary embrace, and I am weary of being this utterly false person, I struggle to rid myself of him, I feel myself blocked as if in a pit...
Giovanni Di Santo / IT
They put rule people out, ‘n call it peacekeeping
So they just get peace out, is only peacekeeping
Enzo Carro / IT
Groupe ELECTRODUNES Production Ass. Nuits Métis / DZ, FR
  Shir Le'Bavat (Song for Bavat)
Ady Cohen / IL
I've got a good girlfriend
And she's not here with me
I am waiting that she'll return
   Solidaridad (Solidarity)
Juan Hedo / ES
Solidarity, take down the streets, aerial hinder trees, come to cover, the net of wires.
  The Key
Ode to Youth / PL
Music is the key to a door
Behind the door is the world
So common join us where the music flows
Let's hear the nations' voice
Christophe Andréani / FR
I saw the forests of Lebanon, the Cedar trees motionless in the wind, the mountain within reach of the sea, history encrusted in the stones, I saw churches in the open sky...
Emmanuel Brémer / FR

out of competition

Stéphane Salkin / BE
   I feel the time
Stéphane Salkin / BE
  If I see you
Stéphane Salkin / BE