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 Ce Monde - هذا العالم

Texte: S. Miteva / Musique: Kad & Stefka / BG

duration: 3':54''

Text of the song
me, I love to dream,
to go, to travel, to love.
But I have the feeling
that the road is blocked
by closed gates,
by cloistered eyes.
I need views
that reflect my thoughts,
This world in which I am lost
This world which seems to me naked
In front of the people on the pavement
Smiles drowning in their mirrors
This world between love and despair
This world, blind and without memory
What must I see
What must I believe
For my hope to be reborn

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Texte: S. Miteva / Musique: Kad & Stefka

 Texte: S. Miteva / Musique: Kad & Stefka

Singer, author and composer of Bulgarian origin, living in France since 1990.


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