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 A new tomorrow - عنان العباسي

Author: Anan Abbasi, singer: Dalal Abu Amneh / PS, IS

duration: 5':06''

Text of the song
Some days will come
And celebrations will grow inside us
And our dreams will come true
We'll breed pigeons, and throw guns
Some days will come- they'll come for sure

Your happiness, my nation, is coming soon
I can see
Your kids' laugh is coming back after a long absence
And here are little breaths of fresh air
Beyond the sea
Will keep in your mind the lovers' fragrance

Children ask: Who will protect us
So that world nations would be merciful
There's the noise of all the guns
And the child who defends is so powerful
Those hits which don't kill kids
Make their morale stronger and helpful

Tomorrow's dawn will rise,
to educate us for care
And the light of hope will shine,
to warm the surrounding air
Tomorrow will take us away
From the pains we've suffered one day
And our songs will rise above

Open the schools
The night's darkness will disappear
Education is your guard
It's time to show no fear
Let's renew life, let's repeat
We are generations who took the success route
And there, only there, we hopefully meet

Lyrics: Anan Abbasi
Translation: Sina Shahbari

[4.7 mb]

Author: Anan Abbasi, singer: Dalal Abu Amneh

 Author: Anan Abbasi, singer: Dalal Abu Amneh

Anan Abbasi is an Arab author and ophthalmologist. He was born in the city of Haifa in 1977. He has a long list of lyrics, dealing with peace, Israeli-Arab conflict and other daily life issues. He is well known for his simple and touching words.


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Way to go / 12  9  2008 21:16:54
by Adel
Congratulations! Great song indeed