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duration: 4'33

Text of the song
The world is a garden which is like a grain in their hands.
Large infinity is still the small infinity of another larger infinity which is infinitely small. It doesn't belong to me, I belong to it. It's not my place to conquer space. It doesn't belong to me, and the time I get up in the morning has nothing to do with that.
To better understand the intrigue: you and me, we get together. And you go by, return: the sun, perhaps, already set.
It's a matter of the cycle! It's like the search for liberty which must never stop!
In my neighbourhood I looked everywhere.
A tribute to the young universe despite its old age,
No bother from day to day, magic filling the baggage,
For us fans, for infinity, faithful without faking it, far from finished,
On our toes, involved, wanting to live the farce of fresh water and madness,
The world, force of nature, well and truly ripe, in full growth and pleasure,
Live forever and flower to a point where you want to live,
True, six billion brothers that makes some family,
There are men, there are women, there are joys, there are tears, there is life,
Against that it's difficult to feign, the union makes the strength,
For telepathy, telephony, Internet fax or Morse,
With both hands, united like the five continents in the same space-time-continuum as in the space of a moment, disturbed by spasms or flutters,
Whether it's he or she, they will be reunited in infinity,
In the name of friendship, of love of life,
Liaison never tarnished,
That deserves a prayer, I am part of it, it has no price,
However it's worth a gamble, that's part of what I was taught,
Universal in the intrigue,
Demonstration of the tactic,
To better understand this big bric-à-brac,
It's the attack of the mike, there are no miracles,
Faithful to the cycle just like the tick-tock,
No coincidences, no panic,
All the world meshed « clic ! clac ! » individuals and cliques explode !!
This hour: I rise! This hour: we rise! This hour: we all rise!
To better understand the intrigue: you and me, we'll meet in the garden.

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The Superamazoo experience began in the laboratories of the spirit "pas le même style (lit: not the same style)" in 2002 and has reached today's magic formula . Superamazoo is the best of the East, the best of the West, the heat of the South, the wisdom of the North, it's the best of east and the west.


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