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 Contrarietà - انزعاج

Massakritica / IT

duration: 4':32''

Text of the song
That which we construct is made for destruction, it is difficult to rise again from the debris.
Annihilating the world seems to be a goal I do not share
I oppose as I can that which they pass off as destiny
Wealth but not in of and itself is what I aspire to. Wealth but not in of and itself.
If I look around me I see a world with no more walls but divided by a deep furrow
You’re either with the new empire or there is no pity for you, a single state now dominates the entire world, offering a future of peace and wealth founded upon war.
Times of absurd and illogical contrariety in which the futile is often confused with the necessary. I try to reason and understand it seems impossible to undo the knot about to suffocate us. If I look around me I see a world dedicated to producing for which the rest is just an insignificant detail, destroying the planet, more deserts, polluted land sky and sea, man is censuring his future on this Earth…
I feel tensions dulled down in the depths vibrate I feel that something is emerging that sooner or later will explode
Times of absurd and illogical contrariety, that which we construct is made for destruction.

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MassaKritica was formed in Perugia in 2001. Their songs unite the slow and cadenced rhythms of reggae and dub with the aggressiveness of distorted sounds and the rhythmic suspensions of drum & base. Their EP Altre frequenze (Tube Records), which features the song "Contrarietà," came about from two illustrious studio collaborations: Mauro Tavella (recording) and Madaski (mixing and mastering). Their lyrics offer an original take on non-trivial themes such as racism, marginalization, war and arrogance.


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