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 A ballad for the lost

Lot Lorien (Bulgaria) & Latif Bolat (Turkey) / BG, TR

duration: 4'34"

Text of the song

Oh lovers, hear this:
Love resembles the sun.
When a soul does not contain love,
It resembles a hard stone.

What springs out of a stone heart?
Such person's tongue would be poisonous
No matter how softly he speaks,
His words resembles a war.

When there is love in a heart,
It softens and resembles the bee-wax.
When the heart is like a stone,
It resembles a long, dark and harsh winter.

(Turkish text: Yunus Emre, 13th Century Turkish poet)


Your leaves, sister forest, again will rise
My youth, sister forest, never will come back.
(Bulgarian text: Luben Karavelov, 19th Centry Bulgarian poet)


Owl bird sings from the highest mountain tops
My beloved's chest has two beautiful nightengales
Please do not cry, your eyelashes get wet with your tears
Let me cry instead, so that maybe my crazy soul becomes tamed out( restful, peaceful).
(Turkish text: traditional song /ghazal singing/)

[5.2 mb]

Lot Lorien (Bulgaria) & Latif Bolat (Turkey)

 Lot Lorien (Bulgaria) & Latif Bolat (Turkey)


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Ballad for the lost / 26  6  2008 15:37:25
by Ivan Stoykov
Hello, My name is Ivan Stoykov and I am from Bulgaria. I am very proud of this song "A ballad of the lost". It sounds magical and it is like a soundtrack of a...