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 Enta fen - إنتَ فين

Yasmine Hamdan - Soapkills Group / LB

duration: 5':16''

Text of the song
My mind is restless with thoughts about you
Where you might be
And where is your loving to me

Of late, you have been always distracted,
Where could you be my dear held captive
You are compromising me

Where are you
Where is the love
This gloom, this love darkened and changed
Why have you become severe with me
My heart is in your hand and chained
You press hard and you suffocate me

Where are you
Where is the love

[7.2 mb]

Yasmine Hamdan - Soapkills Group

 Yasmine Hamdan - Soapkills Group

Soapkills originated from the new electro scene that's currently emerging in the middle-east. the lebanese band inoculates sensual and melancolic music. bread on various musical moods, such as chet baker, aphex twin and stars from the arab world - mohammad abdelwahab, asmahan - the band composes original sounds while getting strong inspiration from the classical arabic repertoire. all of which ruthlessly embedded with electronic arrangements.


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Where could I find it ? / 11  2  2010 21:31:48
by Epis
Hello every one who will read this. I live in France and I'm looking for Enta Fen (Soap Kills) but I can't find it anywhere. Could someone help me ? Is there a website...

où le trouver ? / 11  2  2010 21:24:55
by Epis
Bonjour à tous ceux qui me liront. J'habite en France et je ne trouve nulle part Enta Fen des Soap Kills, pas même sur Quelqu'un pourrait-il m'indiquer un...

cool beans / 12  12  2008 1:26:01
by Pat
This is my favorite band. The sound is unlike anything I have ever heard.