01  06  2009


International Euro-Arab Film Festival - AMAL 09

The International Euro-Arab Film Festival AMAL, which began in 2003, has been created with the aim to foster collaboration in the audiovisual sector between Spain and the Arab World in order to promote both emerging(?) industries. The festival is organized by the Araguaney Foundation based in Spain and will be held under the direction of Ghaleb Jaber Martinez.

Following the line of previous editions, Amal shows films realised in Arabic countries or any another country as long as the thematic is related to the Arab world. The objective is none other than boosting the dialogue between cultures through one of its more fascinating expressions: Cinema.

Since the first edition of Amal Festival on 2003, the number of submitted works grows every year. In fact last edition the organizers received more than 400 submissions: feature films, short films and documentaries coming from 40 countries.