15  05  2009


Panorama of the contemporary arab cinema documentary

For the third year, Casa Àrabe is presenting a “Panorama of the contemporary Arab cinema documentary” which will take place from 5th to 9th of May 2009, during the Festival of the Documenta Madrid 2009.

This panorama will be preside by the director Basel Ramsis and will allow the public to discover 9 new film documentaries. Among them: I Am the One Who Brings Flowers to Her Grave by Hala Abdallah and Ammar Al-Beik (Syria), Let Bygones Be Bygones by Nadia Bouferkas and Mehmet Arikn (Algeria), I Loved So Much by Dalila Ennadre (Morocco), Kings And Extras by Azza El-Hasan (Palestine-Germany), Our Forbidden Places by Leila Kilani (Morocco-France) and Between Women, from Hala Galal (Egypt-France).

The three other documentaries being shown are included in the special section dedicated to Mai Masri, who will be part of the jury of the Documenta Madrid 09. The Palestinian director will meet the public at the Casa Àrabe on Friday 8th of May 2009 at 8:30 PM in the presence of Basel Ramsis. The three Mai Masri documentaries which will be shown during the panorama are Children of Fire, Children of Shatila and Beirut Diaries.