30  03  2009


Montpellier 2009: See you in October!

The 31st Cinemed will run from 23 October to 1 November. The event has always clearly announced its aim of helping all little-distributed cinematography around the Mediterranean to find audiences in France. It does this by presenting the most significant works produced during the year in the official selection (competitions and panoramas) and by organising a series of professional meetings to stimulate future creative work (the development aid grant) and reflection on the promotion and production of films (at seminars).

But the Montpellier Festival is also above all an intense moment for discovery and contacts with a film-loving public and for meetings with directors, actors and technicians from all around the Mediterranean. Before presenting the entire programme now being prepared, we can already announce that we shall focus at length on the Bosphorus on the occasion of the Year of Turkey, a country where filmmaking is doing well and where there is much talent.

Discoveries and exchange, but also meetings and movements of men and women and ideas shown in a selection of works highlighting the richness of the cultural diversity to be found around the Mediterranean. As every year, a section will be devoted to films made in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, with recent productions and also a return to the great films made in a region that has a longstanding tradition of hospitality for filmmaking teams. And finally, as the 2009 poster suggests, the menu might well include a touch of Mediterranean glamour this year... More information in July and the final programme online at the beginning of October!