16  10  2008


Algeria: Second year of Documentary Film Meetings

The Cinéma et Mémoire association of Béjaia in Algeria, in collaboration with the Franco-Algerian Kaina Cinéma association, will hold the second instalment of the “Documentary Film Meetings” at the Béjaia Film Centre between 27 and 30 October 2008.

The event will offer a programme of documentary screenings to be followed by debates with the filmmakers of the featured works. The films of those who participated in documentary film-making training in 2007 will be screened on 30 October as part of the closing night of the Meetings.

This second instalment of the event will provide an opportunity for the organisers to explore, together with filmmakers, cinema professionals, socio-cultural facilitators and trainees, the possibility of permanently establishing a training centre enabling film-lovers to exploit this medium as a means of examining and chronicling their society.

From 16-30 October, a workshop on documentary filmmaking will also be held, with a dozen trainees from Oran, Algiers, Timzrit, Aokas, Béjaia and Marseille taking part. The workshop will include the following modules: writing and developing a documentary treatment; a beginner’s guide to using video (camera, sound and editing); and theoretical input, filmic analysis and the history of documentary. Second and third training workshops are also planned for March 2009 (on filming) and May 2009 (on editing).

The Cinéma et Mémoire association was established in 2007 by a group of professionals and facilitators that had been operating for more than a decade. Its mission is to promote cinema training and cultural dissemination with the aim of mobilising the expertise required for the creation of a permanent training and audiovisual resources centre in Algeria.