06  10  2008


Med-Screen organises 101 screenings of Arab films in France, Ireland, Lebanon, and Spain

The Beirut-based Med-Screen is organising in October four Arab Film Weeks to coincide with film festivals in France, Ireland, Lebanon and Spain. The film weeks present a varied selection of recent film productions from the Arab MEDA countries.

In Fameck (France), the EU-funded Med-Screen project is partnering for the second year with the 19th edition of the Arab Film Festival, which takes place from 8 to 19 October, to present a selection of 19 feature films among which: L’accident by Rachid Ferchiou, Tunisia, 2008; Adhen by Rabah Ameur-Zaimeche, Algeria/France, 2008; Adieu Mères by Mohamed Ismaïl, Morocco, 2008; Arezki, l’indigène by Djamel Bendeddouche, Algeria, 2007; The Baby Doll Night by Adel Adeeb, Egypt, 2008; Falafel by Michel Kammoun, Lebanon/France, 2006; The Yellow House by Amor Hakkar, Algeria/France, 2007; Under the Bombs by Philippe Aractingi, Lebanon/France/UK, 2007; Whatever Lola Wants by Nabil Ayouch, Morocco/France/USA, 2007; Where Are You Going Moshe? by Hassan Benjelloun, Morocco/Canada, 2007.

In Cork (Ireland), Med-Screen in conjunction with the 53rd edition of the Corona Cork Film Festival is presenting from 12 to 19 October a parallel section composed of 5 feature and one documentary films: Burned Hearts by Ahmed Maanouni, Morocco, 2007; Eye of the Sun by Ibrahim El Batout, Egypt, 2008; I Want to Se by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, Lebanon/France, 2008; Paloma Delight by Nadir Mokneche, Algeria/France, 2007; Recycle by Mahmoud al Massad, Jordan, 2007 (documentary); Rome Rather Than You by Tariq Teguia, Algeria, 2007.

In Beirut, from 17 to 26 Med-Screen is partnering with the 5th edition of the Arab film festival Ayam Beirut Al Cinema'iya to present a vast selection of new MEDA Arab films: 29 fiction, 17 short fiction, 2 animation, 15 documentaries and 7 experimental films. 24 directors are foreseen to attend the festival to present their films.

Finally, in Barcelona (Spain) from 23 to 26 October Med-Screen is set to follow up its successful partnership with the Catalunya’s cultural organization Sodepau to present 8 shorts and documentaries: Burned Hearts by Ahmed Maanouni, Morocco, 2007; Deceased by Rachid El Ouali, Morocco, 2006; Khalass by Borhane Alaouié, Lebanon/France/Belgium, 2007; Kahloucha: Tarzan of Arabs by Nejib Belkadhi, Tunisia, 2007; Paloma Delight by Nadir Mokneche, Algeria/France, 2007; Summer of '62 by Mehdi Charef, Algeria/France, 2007; Waiting by Rachid Masharawi, Palestine/France, 2006 and The Yellow House by Amor Hakkar, Algeria/France, 2007.