12  09  2008


Step closer towards a Lebanese Film Support Fund?

The Ayyam Beirut Al-Cinama'iya Festival, which will be held between 16-26 October 2008, has called for film submissions with the aim of selecting a Lebanese drama or documentary feature-length film already in production to be financed through a Support Fund created from a share of the proceeds of the Festival's ticket sales.

So what does the Festival hope to achieve with this initiative? The answer is that it will provide a symbolic gesture: a third of the proceeds from tickets sold would go towards supporting the production of a Lebanese feature-length drama or documentary film.

Given that the price of tickets is a mere 3500 Lebanese pounds, the amount collected will be small (more or less around 1000 Lebanese pounds per admission). But it is hoped that this will act as an encouragement for the Ministry of Culture to impose a tax on revenues generated by commercial cinemas. Such a tax, according to the Festival organizers, would go towards financing a significant share of a Support Fund for Lebanese Cinema.

Persons eligible to submit a film
Lebanese producers or directors who have a feature-length film in production or post-production.

How to submit a film
Applicants should send an email before 1 October 2008 to with the subject line "Support Fund", attaching a synopsis (no longer than 2 pages), a budget summary and a paragraph describing the state of progress of the film production.

Selection procedure
A jury panel will examine the submissions and will award a third of the proceeds of Festival ticket sales to the winning submission at the Festival's evening closing event on 26 October 2008.

Priority will be given to projects that are at an advanced stage of production.