03  09  2008


Shashat: workshop on Professional coaching for producers

Shashat, in partnership with the British Council, is presenting an EAVE workshop which will take place on 21 and 22 October 2008. EAVE (European Audio Visual Entrepreneurs, ) one of Europe's leading training and development organisations, is organising the Professional coaching for producers workshop at the headquarters of Shashat, a Palestinian NGO based in Ramallah, whose focus is on women’s cinema as well as on the social and cultural implications of women’s representations.

Courses will take place both days from 9.30 till 5 pm on the following topics: The Role of the Producer, Budgeting, finance and financial planning, Finance in Europe and European markets, co-production and networks.

To register, filmmakers please send an e-mail to

For further information:
Alia Arasoughly, Director General – Shashat