29  08  2008


Dubai International Film Festival: Professional coaching for producers

The Dubai International Film Festival is offering a high quality professional development programme for film producers from Arab countries in December 2008. The programme is a joint venture between the Festival’s Industry Office and European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE), one of Europe’s leading training and development organisations. This programme follows the very successful first edition, which took place at the Festival in 2007. The deadline for receipt of applications (by email) is 1st October 2008.

The programme will take place from 12 to 16 December in Dubai. The Dubai Film Festival will pay participants’ travel and hotel costs. Candidates successfully selected for the programme will be asked to pay an admission fee of $100.

The programme, to be delivered by experienced producers and experts from both Arab and European countries, will include sessions on: The role of the producer, Script development, Legal issues of production, Budgeting, finance and financial planning, Pitching and presentation, Marketing and packaging, Finance in the Region and in Europe, Distribution and exhibition in the region.

The programme will be delivered through a mix of plenary sessions, individual meetings, group discussions, expert panels and case studies. Participant’s projects will be discussed in individual meetings with script consultants as well as with each other in group sessions. There will also be individual pitching and presentation training.

The programme is aimed at producers who are already active in the industry and will have already produced, for example, short films, music videos or, perhaps, a low budget digital feature. It is not aimed at experienced feature film or documentary producers who are already familiar with the Regional and European film producing environment.

The programme will be conducted in English. Applicants should apply with a project they are in the process of developing since the programme will feature development of the projects through group and individual discussion. Projects can be fiction or documentary and there is no requirement about genre, type or length.

Applications can be received from: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates & Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Oman Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

Application forms can be obtained at
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