11  08  2008


The Caravan Nights back in Alexandria, August 21st – 25th, 2008

The CARAVAN of the Euro-Arab Cinema, one of the promotion projects of the Euromed Audiovisual II Programme is going on for its final year, traveling European and Mediterranean films from one shore of the Mediterranean to the other and promoting cultural exchange and creating an opportunity for dialogue.

In August, it will organize a special programme in Alexandria (Egypt), dedicated to the theme of dialogue between the South and the North, as 2008 is the European year for intercultural dialogue.

The screening programme will include features and documentaries which contribute to this mutual exchange and introduction of different cultures through camera lenses and the views of amazing talents of filmmakers from different cultures.

The program includes a selection of international award winning films coming from Europe (Julian Schnabel’s “The Diving-Bell and The Butterfly” (France), Fatih Akin’s “The Edge of Heaven” (Germany), Joanna Kos and Krzysztof Krauze’s “Saviour’s Square” (Poland) and Gerardo Olivares’s “The Great Match” (Spain), amongst others) as well as a Moroccan programme presenting recent Productions of talented young Moroccan directors.

The Caravan will also hold a tribute to Youssef Chahine, one of the most important Arab filmmakers and most well-known internationally who was able to introduce to the world not only his art but also the Egyptian culture from his worldwide respected view.

In addition to screening some of his films Caravan Nights will hold a panel with renowned filmmakers and critics who worked with Chahine on the 22 of August in The French Cultural Center.

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The Caravan of the Euro-Arab Cinema is an EU-funded project under the Euromed Audiovisual Programme.