29  07  2008


Arab Fund for Arts & Culture: launching of the call for proposals 2008

Individuals, NGOs, cultural and educational organizations, governmental bodies and private companies working in culture and arts in the Arab World are invited to send in project proposals in the fields of independent filmmaking, performing arts , visual arts, literature, research, capacity building and training, regional cultural events and regional exchange to the Arab Fund for Arts & Culture (AFAC).

Afac is a non profit organisation which provides direct financial assistance to independent artists and cultural institutions across the Arab region. Application should be in Arabic and sent by no later than 30 September 2008 to: . For any further questions write at:

Today, the independent cultural sector owes its survival to a small handful of international donors such as the Swedish, the Danish, the Norwegian Agencies for Development, the European Union Delegations in the region, the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Institute (OSI). These donors support the arts because they recognize the social and political importance of an independent cultural practice. However, grant recipients must often defend themselves against claims that they are delivering “a foreign agenda” and “westernizing” the culture.

The Fund’s journey began in 2004 as an initiative by “Al Mawred Al Thaqafy” (Culture Resource, an independent cultural organization based in Cairo) in consultation with over forty corporations, cultural organizations, individuals and major donors such as the Open Society Institute, the Emirates Foundation and the Ford Foundation all working in the region.

The Arab region faces today what many would see as major challenges that will define the future of the region’s peoples and their position in the world. These challenges involve also cultural concerns such as formations of self-image, expressions of identity and freedom of cultural expression. With this in mind, accross the region, policy makers, thinkers, intellectuals and artists are struggling with the process of finding answers and solutions. Afac’s activities aim at stimulating and supporting artistic creativity and freedom of cultural expression in the Arab World.