29  06  2008

Audiovisual policy

Marseille: Mediterranean Cultural Assembly to be held in November

On 4-6 November 2008, Marseille will host a Mediterranean Cultural Assembly organised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the auspices of the French Presidency of the European Union. The event forms part of the ongoing process comprising the so-called “Mediterranean Workshops” and at the same time will constitute a forum for debate and a collective “think-tank”.

Attending the event will be local-level institutions, the Atelier Culturel Méditerraneén, the Anna Lindh Foundation, civil society representatives, various cultural sector operators as well as national-level institutions from European and Mediterranean countries.

The meetings and debates will be structured around 8 seminars, of which one will be dedicated to the audiovisual and film industry with the aim of taking stock of the prevailing situation and identifying constructive proposals, particularly to address the areas of television, cinema and new media in the Mediterranean. At the close of proceedings of each seminar, a set of concrete proposals will be drawn up.

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