15  04  2008


Avignon hosts second Corto del MED Festival

Between 24-27 April 2008, the city of Avignon will be set abuzz with the holding of the second Corto del MED Festival, an event showcasing short films from the Mediterranean. For festival audiences, it will be a chance to journey across the Mediterranean and discover facets of cultures that are as yet little-known through the cinematic offerings of young film directors.

The event, organised by the AlterMED association, aims to promote and bring attention to the work of young directors from the Mediterranean. The original concept for the festival was devised by Egyptian artist Bahaa Talis. During the inaugural festival, entitled Cleopatra on the Bridge of Avignon, Egypt was the guest of honour, while this year it is the turn of Lebanon. Each year, a new country will be added to those already participating, until eventually the entire Mediterranean is represented.

Another distinguishing feature of Corto del MED is that embraces the whole of the Mediterranean. To ensure greater visibility and foster a real professional network, the shorts competition will be held in Avignon but the Corto del MED festival will travel through a selection of films that will be sent to similar festivals in countries that are partnered with the Avignon-based event. In 2008, this will involve a reciprocal exchange of films between Egypt and Lebanon.

The main aim of the festival is to permanently establish itself in Avignon while maintaining an international profile. To this end, the event is being organised in collaboration with the University of Avignon and Pays de Vaucluse. The festival has also scheduled screenings in secondary schools in Greater Avignon. The programme includes screenings of Egyptian and Lebanese shorts in competition and films not in competition, debates, photographic exhibitions and open-air concerts.

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