20  06  2009 / BOOKS
 Media and Mediterranean
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 Suleiman, Nassim, Riad and the others
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01  06  2009 / FESTIVAL
 International Euro-Arab Film Festival - AMAL 09
The International Euro-Arab Film Festival AMAL, which began in 2003, has been created with the aim to foster collaboration in the audiovisual sector between Spain and...

25  05  2009 / BOOKS
 The Comic Book Fever
If the cradle of the 9th Art is Belgium, France - the cradle of cultural exception - is as good as its neighbour. The country of adoption of comic books counts as many...

 An interview with a very independent director
Dalila Ennadre has a favourite subject: the women of her home country. Not the stylish and emancipated citizens. The other ones, the forgotten ones. The outcasts. Those...

22  05  2009 / FESTIVAL
 PalFest in Jerusalem, beside the Israely police
The organisers of the PalFest meant to “confront the culture of power with the power of culture”. None but Jerusalem could be as prominent, so that’s...

22  05  2009 / CANNES 2009 – COMPETITION
 Suleiman’s Time That Remains rich in humour and symbolism
Co-produced by France, Belgium, Italy and the UK, Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman’s third feature, The Time That Remains, was presented yesterday evening in...

15  05  2009 / CINEMA
 Panorama of the contemporary arab cinema documentary
For the third year, Casa Àrabe is presenting a “Panorama of the contemporary Arab cinema documentary” which will take place from 5th to 9th of May...

04  05  2009 / FESTIVAL
 The winners of Pan-Africa International
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04  05  2009 / BOOKS
 Yasmina Khadra, from book to screen
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