03  05  2009 / SHOOTING
 The Hardships of Filmmaking 500 Meters below Sea Level
Filmmaker Rabee Zureikat navigated the winding roads with his worn out Honda Civic as we descended from Amman to the Dead Sea for the film shoot. Strong wind gusts and...

29  04  2009 / CONTEST
 A sea of worlds
The Anna Lindh Foundation and the Head of the Spanish Network IEMed have launched the 2nd edition of “A Sea of Words” short story competition. The project...

 The documentary situation in Syria
Text in French

30  03  2009 / MONTPELLIER 2009
 2009 Selection: Call for entries
Online registration of films to be selected for the different competition or panorama sections is available from 10 February to 31 August 2009 on the website...

30  03  2009 / FESTIVAL
 Montpellier 2009: See you in October!
The 31st Cinemed will run from 23 October to 1 November. The event has always clearly announced its aim of helping all little-distributed cinematography around the...

21  03  2009
 Khalas : a banquet for cats devoured by dogs
Lebanese director Burhan Alawiya’s film Khalas finally emerged from a maze of production and financial setbacks for its premiere at the opening ceremony held in...

13  03  2009 / FESTIVAL
 2009, Beirut, Book Capital
Text in French

 Open letter to Obama regarding Convention on Cultural Diversity
Henri Benkoski – a Belgian government expert on cultural diversity – has addressed a judicious open letter to Barack Obama. Published in Belgian daily Le...

11  02  2009 / ARTS
 Moving pictures - literally - in the West Bank
Before the First Intifada, each major city in the West Bank had two or three cinemas. Now, they've remained closed for so long that the habit of going to the cinema has...

05  02  2009 / LITTERATURE
 Israeliens and Palestinians confronted to the other history
Text available in Italian and French