Chadia Mounim
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01  07  2008 / FESTIVAL
 Morocco: Agadir to host inaugural Fida Doc’Souss festival
From 4 to 8 November 2008, the International Documentary Festival Fida Doc’Souss will be held in Agadir, Morocco. The Festival aims to become a forum for debate...

30  06  2008 / FESTIVAL
 The Caravan Nights of the Euro-Arab Cinema returns to Paris in July
For the third and final year, the Caravan will be presenting a festival of Arab and Euro-Arab films entitled “The Caravan Nights of the Euro-Arab Cinema” at...

 Marseille: Mediterranean Cultural Assembly to be held in November
On 4-6 November 2008, Marseille will host a Mediterranean Cultural Assembly organised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the auspices of the French...

25  06  2008 / INTERVIEW
 Maklouf: the "Arabic Screens" are my combat o fthe life - 1st part
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25  06  2008 / INTERVIEW
 Maklouf: the "Arabic Screens" are my combat o fthe life - 2nd part, by Marwa Abdalla
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23  06  2008 / FESTIVAL
 Split makes splash on Mediterranean
The first Split Festival of Mediterranean Film (SFMF) ended on Saturday, May 31, with another win for Julian Schnabel’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. A...

23  06  2008 / ENTRETIEN AVEC CAY WESNIGK (PRÉSIDENT DE ONLINEFILM AG) a virtual marketplace for films
Euromed : A few months ago you launched Can you tell us about this new initiative? Cay Wesnigk: Back in 2001, more than 120 producers, writers...

19  06  2008 / PRODUCTION
 White man in Africa
Shooting got underway this week in Morocco on Le Temps de la kermesse est terminé [loosely translated, “The Party’s Over”], the debut feature by...

18  06  2008 / PRODUCTION
 Kechiche’s "Hottentot Venus"
Having signed a three-film contract with MK2, Abdellatif Kechiche has started the casting and preparation for his fourth feature, which is scheduled to shoot in the...