the winners
another look

International short film contest
on the theme of Intercultural Dialogue


 من الشمال إلى الجنوب - Du Nord au Sud
another look 2004
Christophe Petit / FRمن الشمال إلى الجنوب - Du Nord au Sud
duration: 2':45''
In the metro, a man becomes aware of the artificial nature of the society he lives in
 Earth - أرض
another look 2004
Keren Shayo / IL, PSEarth - أرض
duration: 13':44''
A family with a life literally splitted by the Israeli Wall in the Occupied Territories of Palestine
 Entry of buildings - مدخل المباني
another look 2007
Gil Seltzer / UKEntry of buildings - مدخل المباني
duration: 8':26''
New York City. Post-9/11. We’re in a state of heightened alert. A strange old man appears in one of the city’s most magnificent architectural halls carrying a mysterious book...
 هجرة جماعية - Exodus
another look 2004
Manuel Zayas / DEهجرة جماعية - Exodus
duration: 15':26''
In a ordinary place in Germany: a Turkish family can't forget the past
 Fils de tortue - ابن سلحفاة
another look 2005 (Inspiration)
Walid Mattar / TNFils de tortue - ابن سلحفاة
duration: 14':14''
Clandestine in Europe: a comparison between hope and dreams from the past
 Hamdan and Zidane - حمدان وزيدان
another look 2004 (Inspiration)
Bassem Nasir / JO, PSHamdan and Zidane - حمدان  وزيدان
duration: 5':54''
Hamdan, a young football player, dreams of entering in a French club, just like Zidane
 Hiyab - هياب
another look 2005
Xavi Sala - خافي سالا / ESHiyab - هياب
duration: 7':56''
Spain – in a laic school Fatima is not allowed to wear the veil, but it is not easy for her to take it off
 هولوجرام - Hologram
another look 2004
Iman Kamel / DE, EGهولوجرام - Hologram
duration: 9':57''
HOLOGRAM functions like a messenger for a film project, where the cities Cairo and Berlin fuses into one visionary world