the winners
another look

International short film contest
on the theme of Intercultural Dialogue


 00h17 - 17 دقيقة بعد منتصف الليل
another look 2005
Xavier de Choudens / FR00h17 - 17 دقيقة بعد منتصف الليل
duration: 9':52''
Why does the moon always change its position? Demonstration of the celestial movements on a "human scale"
 76 Miglia - 76 ميلا
another look 2007 (Inspiration)
Gabriella Valentini / 76 Miglia - 76 ميلا
duration: 2':38''
The Tunisian community in Mazara del Vallo. A look at this story of integration, at what was done and what still has to be made.
 A Father's Prayer
another look 2006
Döndü Kilic / DEA Father's Prayer
duration: 5':52''
The orror of the war in a simple prayer.
 A l'époque... - في تلك الفترة... سيرة
another look 2006
Nadine Buss / FRA l'époque... - في تلك الفترة... سيرة
duration: 8':30''
Very funny animated short film about the difficulty of being German in France after the war.
 A visit to a mosque in Templehof, Berlin
another look 2004
Ondrej Brody / CZA visit to a mosque in Templehof, Berlin
duration: 1':04''
One can be surprise visiting a Mosque...
 أليجاتو - Aligato
another look 2004
Maka Sidibé / FRأليجاتو - Aligato
duration: 10':47''
A marriage proposal. She cries "yes!". But the right pronunciation for aligato is not aligato…
 Amigo No Gima - الصديق نو خيما
another look 2004
Iñaki Peñafiel / SPAmigo No Gima -    الصديق نو خيما
duration: 11':44''
Lavapiès (near Madrid) – coexistence of different communities: the Chinese new year is celebrated between hope and difficulties
 Appearance - مظهر
another look 2007
Adam Dancan / UKAppearance - مظهر
duration: 2':45''
A western HR manager offers to promote a Muslim book-keeper if she will change her appearance.