the winners
another look 2006

Third international short film contest
on the theme of Intercultural Dialogue


section "Inspiration"

 Roads - طرق
Lior Geller / IL
Ismayil lives in the small Arab quarter in the city of Lod, and here, there are no average days...
   Songe et poème d'une femme de ménage
Banu Akseki / BE
Gül vacuums, rubs and cleans. His life runs without joy at the service of other people. But by chance, Gül suddenly catches a glimpse of the loneliness and discouragement of his heart...

section Short Films already realised

 A Father's Prayer
Döndü Kilic / DE
The orror of the war in a simple prayer.
   A l'époque... - في تلك الفترة... سيرة
Nadine Buss / FR
Very funny animated short film about the difficulty of being German in France after the war.
 Baĝcik (Lacing) - الرباط، سيرة
Çaĝlar Çetin / TR
Two tied persons: they have to cooperate to do their simple daily gestures.
   Brod Lodaka (The Ship of Fools)
Matthias Lebeer / BE, BA
Vedran, a once famous musician, tries to shelter his family from the madness of war. Based on a true story.
 Don Quixote Be'Yerushalayim (Don Quixote in Jerusalem)
Dani Rosemberg / IL
A modern "Don Quixote" who tries to break the wall between Israel and Palestine.
Gonzalo Ballester / ES
This document was born of the desire to bring together, even if it was only through a camera, a family that since long ago wishes so.
 Nachtshift (Nightshift) - وردية الليل، سيرة
Wendy Montellano / BE
Night Shift is about immigrants and their position in Belgian business and indirect racism.
   Quando lá Chegares (I'll see you when you get there)
Filipe Henriques / PT
Two distinct lives, two different problems, the same determination
 Rumeur, etc. - إشاعة، الخ
Mohamed Latrèche / FR, DZ
A short film about waiting or how a rumour can change the life of a person.
   The Messiah - المسيح
Guy Dimenstein / IL
A crazy parody of the crazy reality in Israel
 Weihnachten 1914 (Christmas 1914) - عيد الميلاد 1914
Thomas Kühnl / DE
The French and German soldiers celebrate together the 1914 Christmas...