the winners
another look 2005

Second international short film contest
on the theme of Intercultural Dialogue


section "Inspiration"

 Fils de tortue - ابن سلحفاة
Walid Mattar / TN
Clandestine in Europe: a comparison between hope and dreams from the past
   Le bruit et l'odeur des marteaux piqueurs
Sonia Giardina / IT
Paris, 18th arrondissement: when popular districts attract the bourgeoisies…
 Tooche & Osman - توتشي وعثمان
Alex Ioannou / CY
Turkey or Germany? To which country do they belong? A life passed traveling from one to the other to finally discover that…

section Short Films already realised

 00h17 - 17 دقيقة بعد منتصف الليل
Xavier de Choudens / FR
Why does the moon always change its position? Demonstration of the celestial movements on a "human scale"
   Derdba - دردبة
Yassine Marco Maroccou / MA
Derdba: a healing trance through music. From the encounter between three wounded people, linked and united by music, the effects of the ritual will arise
 Hiyab - هياب
Xavi Sala - خافي سالا / ES
Spain – in a laic school Fatima is not allowed to wear the veil, but it is not easy for her to take it off
   Is this the Way to Eurillo?
Enrico Girardi e Nicola Brusco / IT
Parody of the video "Is this the way to Armadillo" to reflect on how individuals contribute to peace
 Just an idea - مجرد فكرة
Cristoph Steger / DE
An idea to break the vicious circle of wars…
   Pour te parler de nous - لأحدثك عنا
Jean-Luc Slock / BE
A documentary as a vehicle and a pretext to give voice to children from far away with their colorful stories and origins
 Steinflug - طيران الحجر
Susanne Horizon Franzel / DE
A stone: from being an object used by the man, it becomes a subject that goes across and observes
   Un monde pour Tom - عالم لأجل توم
Jean-Luc Slock / BE
A dark corridor, strange objects, inedited encounters and many doors for Tom to open …
 Viva Liberty! - تحيا الحرية!
Dishad Hisain / GB
Woody Ali goes on holiday to the States and for a trick of fate he finds himself in the "Camp Liberty" prison camp….
   Young David - دافيد الشاب
Avi Dabach - آفي داباش / IS
Based on the poem "David Hatsa'ir ("Young David") by Yehuda Amichai