the winners
another look 2004

First international short film contest
on the theme of Intercultural Dialogue


section "Inspiration"

 عيون جمال - Djamel's Eyes
David Casals-Roma / SP - UK
Two wounded in the same room: from the encounter of their own limits, they overcome diversity
   Hamdan and Zidane - حمدان وزيدان
Bassem Nasir / JO, PS
Hamdan, a young football player, dreams of entering in a French club, just like Zidane
 La fune, The Rope - الحبل
Alessandro Leone / IT
Metaphoric story: : two balconies, joined by a rope to hang the laundry, become the thread that will lead the meeting between two people
Yasmine El-Rashidi / EG
Observation of the social mask that each of us carry everyday and of the lack of real interaction
 The Feast - العيد
Donnacha O Briain / IE
Christmas in Ireland: the double life of Samir, a young illegal Muslim, becomes complicated…

section Short Films already realised

 أدفع الأيادي - Push Hands
Stephanie Green / IE
Ireland: a young graffiti artist and a Tai-Chi Master learn to share the same beach
   أليجاتو - Aligato
Maka Sidibé / FR
A marriage proposal. She cries "yes!". But the right pronunciation for aligato is not aligato…
 أهلاً وسهلاً - Welcome
Dominique Laroche / BE
Mihan, an Iranian refugee that live in Belgium with her son, meets Saman, an Iranian refugee just like her. But, one day Saman disappears…
   المدمرة عبد الكريم - Le Cuirassé Abdel Karim
Mattar Walid / TN
The long wait for the visa, the negative answer, the alternative solution
 الهروب - The Run - Duz Kosu
Gulden Cakir / TR
The chance to escape from illegality and drugs is close, but…
   انفجار الولادات - Baby Boom
Jake Barnes / GB
A businessman finds a ticking package at an airport. But how can it be dangerous when it looks so cute!
 تصدعات - Rifts
Vicki Psarias / GB
The never-ending war of private battles, until....
   زارتمو - Zartmo
Marc Dalmans / BE
An old Belgium lady and a twelve-years old boy from Maghreb: with the nostalgia of one, and the dreams of the other the different languages come together
 في قطار - On a Train
Barnabas Toth / FR
Two young travelers meet in a train without being able to communicate
   قَملة - Pou
Chloé Fassio / FR
"Nowhere" and "everywhere": two reigns of insects that can make you think
 من الشمال إلى الجنوب - Du Nord au Sud
Christophe Petit / FR
In the metro, a man becomes aware of the artificial nature of the society he lives in
   هجرة جماعية - Exodus
Manuel Zayas / DE
In a ordinary place in Germany: a Turkish family can't forget the past
 هولوجرام - Hologram
Iman Kamel / DE, EG
HOLOGRAM functions like a messenger for a film project, where the cities Cairo and Berlin fuses into one visionary world
   وشْوَشَة - Viskningar - Whisperings
Malin Rosenqvist / SE
Friendship and betrayal
 وليمة تحت الحصيرة - Ripaille sous le paillasson
Matthieu Donck / BE
In order to get a loan, Francis, a young homosexual, has to introduce his girlfriend to his parents….
   ياكار – إسبيرانسا - Yakar - Esperanza
Guillermo Sempere / SP
According to Geneva Convention in 1951, there are many causes to become a refugee...
 A visit to a mosque in Templehof, Berlin
Ondrej Brody / CZ
One can be surprise visiting a Mosque...
   Amigo No Gima - الصديق نو خيما
Iñaki Peñafiel / SP
Lavapiès (near Madrid) – coexistence of different communities: the Chinese new year is celebrated between hope and difficulties
 Earth - أرض
Keren Shayo / IL, PS
A family with a life literally splitted by the Israeli Wall in the Occupied Territories of Palestine
   L’eau c’est la vie - الماء الحياة
Louise-Marie Colon, Jean-Luc Slock (CEA) / BE
With the typical tone of African languages, between joke and provocation, two children tell their story: a reality connected to water, as a source of life and vehicle of diseases
 Le frigo du mari de Katia - برّاد زوج كاتيا
Pierre-Andre Wéité / FR
"The chains of wedlock are so heavy that it takes two to carry them – and sometimes three"
   Uè paisà! Atto I. Frankein
Gianni Torres / IT
Bari, Italy: integration can pass through…the dialect
 Usar y Tirar - Disposable - استعمال لمرة واحدة
Daniel García-Pablos / SP
A casual encounter at the traffic lights in Madrid reveals the prejudices subtended to society
   Videoletter to Jacqueline - رسالة فيديو إلى جاكلين
Nurit Sharett / IL
The return to Israel: a video letter to express the laceration between feeling attached to Europe, lived for years, and feeling bonded to the Middle Eastern roots