the winners
another look 2007

IV international short film contest
on the theme of Intercultural Dialogue


section "Inspiration"

 76 Miglia - 76 ميلا
Gabriella Valentini /
The Tunisian community in Mazara del Vallo. A look at this story of integration, at what was done and what still has to be made.
   Suk al Grana (italiani di Tunisia) - سوق الجرانة
Federico Ferrone, Akram Adoini / Tunisia
The story of a community that not only belongs to the past, but which also shows how tolerance and harmony between the two shores of the Mediterranean is possible.

section Short Films already realised

 Appearance - مظهر
Adam Dancan / UK
A western HR manager offers to promote a Muslim book-keeper if she will change her appearance.
   Burry It - ادفنيه
Sivan Ben Ari / Israel
Hadar, a future mother, is struggling with herself whether to circumcise her son according to the Jewish tradition...
 Entry of buildings - مدخل المباني
Gil Seltzer / UK
New York City. Post-9/11. We’re in a state of heightened alert. A strange old man appears in one of the city’s most magnificent architectural halls carrying a mysterious book...
   La Luz oscura - الضوء الخافت
Javier Guerrero / Spain
Two different responses to the search for an ideal future in a consumeristic society.
 La Question - السؤال
Elika Hedayat / France
I decided to interview the Iranian women in Tehran and the French women in Paris, to ask them only one thing: what is the most important question of their life?
   Lebess (non c'è male) - لابأس
Hedy Krissane / Italia
A day of an immigrant in Turin, between normality and repulsion.
 Mirror Monk Jihad - مرآة الراهب جهاد
Bernardo Borgeson / Sweden, Syria
Filmed in the monastery Mar Musa, founded in the 6th century in the Syrian desert, a living testimony of Christian love for Islam through dialog and collaboration with Muslims.
   Rémoras - العراقيل
Marisa Lafuente / Spain
A Senegalese and a Spanish woman in a car during the New Year Eve, two strangers that will confess their most intimate secret...
 The Bogiamen - بوجيمان
Franco Dipietro / Italy
3 African musicians immigrated in Turin. One day they find some old folk music records in a basement. A strange adventure starts...
   The Last Long Goodbye - الوداع الطويل الأخير
Adrian Westbrook /
The eternal story: Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl – depending on where you're from... True love may conquer all, but can it best the clichés and expectations of international cinema?
 The smiling dog - الكلب الضاحك
Shohreh Jandaghian / Germany
In the world where adults make wars and destroy each other, a little girl is thinking of peace.
   Tram n° 9 - ترام 9
Stephan Koral /
People get on and get off from a tram, like in normal life...

out of competition

 Humanity - إنسانية
Eray Mert / Turkey
Something in which you can place human beings - a film on a journey towards freedom.
   Shanty Garden Town
Çagla Zencirci & Guillaume Giovanetti / Germany
A Turkish Lanscape designer from Ankara discovering the Allotment Garden culture of Berlin and seeing this typical German world through her Turkish eyes.