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Tooche & Osman - توتشي وعثمان

 Tooche & Osman - توتشي وعثمان

Alex Ioannou / CY

duration: 8':23''
year of production: 2005

Tooche was a Turkish immigrant living in Germany. She was married to Osman, another Turkish immigrant living in Germany. Once she got pregnant they decided to move back to their homeland so the child could be born in his real country.

So they packed everything, put it in their old, big mercedes jeep and hit the road.

Some years later when their financial problems became big. They decided to move back to Germany. They said to themselves that Germany was also their real country since they lived most of their lives there, and anyway it was a better place for their child to grow up.

So they packed everything in their old, big mercedes jeep and hit the road.

Years went by and Tooche's parents grew old and died. She decided that they had to go back to Turkey, which was their real country, in order to preserve their family name, and die in their original lands. Osman agreed.

So they packed everything in their old, big mercedes jeep and hit the road.

Some years later, again they decided that life was hard there and that they should go to their other homecountry, Germany . And only then they realised that they spend most of their lives in their old , big mercedes jeep driving from one home counrty to another without ever enjoying their destinations.

Their child has grown up, was independend already, so old Tooche and old Osman decided that their real home country was the one they spend more time and had more fun memories in: Their old, big mercedes jeep.

So, they designed an original flag, declared their old love song as national anthem, got loads of petrol and hit the road.

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Alex Ioannou

 Alex Ioannou

Alex was born in Moscow in 1979. He studied photography at Focus School of Photography and Video in Athens. Made two short films: "Pop" (2003), and "All the time in the world" (2004) - 2nd award at British Council's "3 in 3 digital short film competition". Also leading actor in the films "...and the train goes to the sky", and "Hi!Am Erica!" directed by Yiannis Ioannou. Working as a photographer in magazines like Voyager, Max. And worked for a small period as a production manager for French company Supervision, responsible for installing giant screens at athletic events.


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