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A l'époque... - في تلك الفترة... سيرة

 A l'époque... - في تلك الفترة... سيرة

Nadine Buss / FR

duration: 8':30''
production: Strapontin
year of production: 2005

The Germans who escape their country to live in France after the war were very rare. My father was one of them. His nightmare was that somebody could discover his nationality.

[10.2 mb]

 Nadine Buss

After some experience behind the camera, she works as light person for several TV fictions. She found in the animation the way to satisfy her desire of images and fiction. She specialises in volume animation, working in several TV series and short films: “Hilltop Hospital”, “L’odeur du chien mouillé”. This is her first animated short film, obviously made in volume.


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