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Quando lá Chegares (I'll see you when you get there)

 Quando lá Chegares (I'll see you when you get there)

Filipe Henriques / PT

duration: 14':21''
production: Liliana Santos, Rita Nery, Filipe Henriques
year of production: 2005

The chance gathered Baldé e Xavier, two different man apparently, and had their paths crossed, connecting them in a definitive way. In spite of their first meeting had turn into hostility, into a violent dispute for one same element, which was something they both needed and had move them into that place simultaneously (a public phone boot), none of them would ever think that they could have something in common, that their different problems would ever be intercepted somehow, or that they could need each other. However, while getting along, these two men find out that they share complicated hard pasts and the same determination by getting their life biggest mistakes corrected. From this same intention, a short but significant relationship arises between the two of them, a relation of union and complicity that will give them not the resolution of their mistakes, but the necessary strength and the courage to face them and to surpass them.

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 Filipe Henriques

Life is made of paths that we should take, sometimes under hard circumstances. Although there is a solution for all problems, it isn't always possible to solve them correctly. And sometimes those solutions are not feasible and beneficial. However those are the solutions circumstances impose to us. This film takes us to this very particular reality, to this heavy and profound urban reality.


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