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Songe et poème d'une femme de ménage

 Songe et poème d'une femme de ménage

Banu Akseki / BE

production: FraKas Productions
year of production: 2007

"Songe et poème d'une femme de ménage" is a unusual and unique title, referred to the idea of dream that embraces in an oxymoric way a profession that instead does not leave much space for dreams. A cleaning lady, in who vain hope and unsatisfied desires live asleep. The director puts us in front of human figures that never face each over. Bodies that meet, avoiding and ignoring each other, as if they were deaf to other people's presence. Neither desire or curiosity find the way to circulate between them, and their falls don't raise anything but dust….that an invisible cleaning lady will sweep away. The short film is composed by nine sequences, each with its own choreography of bodies that follow an invariable and implacable geometry.

[87.0 mb]

 Banu Akseki

After graduating in Political Sciences from the University of Brussels, Banu Aseki studied editing at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion starting to work as an editor for films and documentaries. "Songe et poème d'une femme de ménage" is her first short film.


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