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  • Revue de Défense nationale - The perception of the other, source of misunderstandings and conflicts
    Mustapha BENCHENANE, analyses the relationships between Islam and Occident, making reference to the relationships between Judaism and Islam.
  • Magazin - The cultural dialogue
    How it would be possible to have fruitful exchanges between occidental and Islamic cultures? Jochen Hippler talks about the necessity to start the dialogue between cultures.
  • Il Margine - Dominant Occident
    An interview with Raimon Panikkar, considered as one of the most important living specialists of intercultural dialogue.
  • Il Margine - Identity and diversity
    To accept that humanity is diversity, difference, frees the man of the burdensome weight of a presumed "purity" or of perfection. Intercultural dialogue means the opening towards diversity in the reciprocal respect, without hegemonic ambitions.
  • L'Humanité - Behind the veil
    Pierre Laurent maintains that the veil is not the only violence imposed to women in the world, but it is certainly one of the most terrifying marks of alienation and lessening.
  • Medea - The hard reality of Oriental Jewish
    In the years 50 and 60, almost 750 000 Jews original of Maghreb and the Middle East emigrated in Israel, of which 250 000 were Moroccans. Director David Benchetrit dedicates them a long documentary which award-winning in July 2002, provoked a violent controversy.
  • Archivio Pace Diritti Umani - The intercultural dialogue: why and for what?
    Multiculturalism means cultural diversity, not necessarily confrontation. So that the phenomenon is not perceived as threat to safety - economic, cultural, religious, of law and order - but in its real human and social extent, it must essentially be managed with the means of a correct information and education.
  • Passaggi e Paesaggi Interculturali - Interculture the basis of our future society
    An interview to two young strangers in a district "in transformation". They speak of how a young immigrant "lives", "discerns" and" thinks" about interculture.
  • El Mundo - To look at oneself in the West
    The Moslem woman, has been able to go on with her struggle in spite of the difficulties. This is why it is so necessary to undo simplistic visions to understand the way the princesses of the Islam think and live.
  • Antroposmoderno - Multiculturalism
    The mystification of the cultural difference. Is multiculturalism a space for the cultural diversity or a social exclusion strategy?
  • réseau - How to prevent the religious confrontation?
    Jean-Michel Baylet recalls the big principles that constitute the notion of secularism.
  • Revista d'afers internationals - Two remarks about supranational mobility in the Mediterranean
    Bernabé López García brings up a first question on internationalisation and the bet for the intercultural: is it the same to speak about intercultural issues in Rabat, in Barcelona and in Paris?
  • El Correo Unesco - Racism globalised
    Does existe a link between the many etnic conflicts in the world? Alberto Burgio, one of the main Italian specialists of racism, anwsers.
  • Radio Vaticana - President of Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo
    Michele Capasso, president of Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo, partecipate in RADIO VATICANA news for promote "Euromedcafe" site for social and cultural dialogue. (24.01.2005).
  • Passaggi e Paesaggi Interculturali - Towards a multicultural town
    Interview to Giovanna Zaldini. When in Turin one speaks of immigration and especially of immigration to the feminine, one of the reference positions is Giovanna Zaldini founder of the association Alma Mater, born to sustain immigrant women and to encourage opportunities of exchange with the Italian women.
  • El Mundo - Princesses and warriors
    The struggle against the inequality of genre finds a clear resistance in the Moslem society. However one perceives a feminine movement within it, driven by a privileged elite of cultivated and powerful women, promoters of very different purposes.
  • L'espresso - Assault to the wall
    In Jerusalem East, as well as in the 640 km of division, the Palestinians are moving to Israel. To live and to work. Waiting a demographic bomb.
  • Ayuntamiento de Madrid - Racism and xenophobia
    The causes of racist and xenophobic behaviour are many, but over the top the history, the religion and the development of the Occidental society are the origin of this phenomenon.
  • IEMED - Emergence and crises of religious fundamentalism, Benjamin Stora
    Radical Islamism appears as a form of missed politisation opposed to secularization. Political Islamism in the Maghreb has a long history. But there exists another very virulent, radical Islamism that the Arab and Muslim world in the broad sense, came upon subsequently. Possibly, the latter, did not pay enough attention to the Algerian tragedy that took place on the beginning of the nineties, and lasted more than 10 years. There have not been sufficient reflections, analysis, and critics on the Islamism in this country.
  • IEMED - Interview to the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miguel Angel Moratinos.
    Summary on the 10 years of the “Barcelona process”, and analyses the new stage of the relations between Spain and the Maghreb: the main issues and proposals. Spain proposes to hold a Euro Mediterranean summit in 2005 in order to relaunch the “Barcelona Process ».
  • The Daily Star - Bridging the great divide, Meena Sharify-Funk
    From both humanistic and practical standpoints, the current estrangement between Islam and the West is unsustainable. The most recent events have left both Muslims and Westerners increasingly distrustful both of each other and sceptical of the more humanistic and life-affirming values within their traditions.
  • BOOK. The Arab world: social challenges and Mediterranean perspectives. SAMIR AMIN AND ALI EL KENZ
    The work describes the state of the situation and the challenges to which Arab societies are confronted in the current moment of the neoliberal globalisation. It places the accent on the democratic deficit, which produce aborted modernizations which at the same time determine the vulnerability of Arab societies. The work does a critical summary on social fights driven by civil organisations and movements analysing their links to political conflicts and ideological dominating expressions, in particular those that express themselves through the political Islam. In this framework, authors do a evaluation about the functionality of Mediterranean dialogue projects proposed by Europe.
  • Le Monde Diplomatique - Which Maghreb for tomorrow? Nancy Dolhem
    With its soon 80 million inhabitants, the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) represents a decisive issue for the European Union, since it constitutes henceforth, its southern and least stable border. Nevertheless, and as paradoxical as that can appear, the knowledge of the Maghreb is scarce in Europe.
  • Le monde Diplomatique - In the origin of a concept
    “The crisis in the Middle East (...) does not arise of a quarrel between States, but of a clash of civilizations”. As early as 1964, a British university professor, still little known, launches the formula that had to know a so big fortune. Unquestionably, Bernard Lewis is a forerunner. Installed in the United States since 1974, specialist in Turkey, he is also a political actor and he does not hide.
  • L'Humanité - Secularism: Souad or the voice of a laic atheist
    Professor of Modern Arts, Souad Benani-Schweizer is part of that majority of immigration descendants that refuses to make reference to the religious sphere to live or to express himself.
  • Corriere della Sera - Israel-Palestine, the dialogue is possible
    The conclusions of a symposium organised by the newspaper “il Corriere della Sera” about the conflict. The speakers analyse the mistakes and errors of both parts.

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