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Articles about Islam

  • L' - Let’s invent an Islamic European culture
    Tariq Ramadan, philosopher form Geneva and expert of Islam, refuses with energy the archaisms and tries to think the Islam in a different way: a Faith based on humanistic and universal values.
  • Islam & Laicité.org - Islam and Media
    Alain Gresh analyses the vision the media have of Islam: a phenomenon at the same time internal and international. The author think that it is important to understand that the are many visions of Islam, in each country.
  • islam & laicité.org - About islamophobia
    The use of the word " islamophobia " has provoked a legitimate debate, that deserves to go into it more deeply.
  • Confluences Méditerranée - Woman and Islam
    While occupying the public space, Moslem women have been able in their way to demonstrate and to claim an autonomy, a "progress" of their circumstance marked by submissiveness.
  • The Washington Times - Islam and democracy
    Some suggest that Islam and the democracy are incompatible. Today, Morocco proves the opposite while carrying out, since the beginning of the Nineties, a series of political and economic reforms making progress the democracy while respecting Islam.
  • Correspondances - Italy: the return of Islam
    Stefano Allievi presents the results of his research concerning the return of Islam in Italy.
  • L'Humanité - The critical teaching of Islam
    Nowadays, one of the most difficult domains to lecture in is certainly the Islamic issue, and everything related to it, the cultural, philosophical, artistic, religious or political aspects.
  • Correspondances - The consequences of emigration on the Maghreb societies
    Three documents come to sum up the repercussion of emigration in the Maghreb societies. But, how to present concisely these research without risking reiteration when literature on emigration is already plethoric?
  • Confluences Méditerranée - Islam and the City, Islam in the City
    Two themes that regroup the main questions that the non Moslem ask themselves : the relation of religion and politics; the concrete incompatibilities of some practices related to the Islamic culture and the state in our societies.
  • El Mundo - Spanish girls... for Allah
    Many are the Spanish women who have decided to become Moslem. Women included in this article, as many other, arrived to the Islam guided by spiritual concerns, while looking for this something to fill their lives.
  • El Mundo - The five thorns of the Islam woman
    Some of the main dangers that watch over the fundamental liberties of the Islamic woman are not prescribed in the Koran: the polygamy, the harem, the veil, the lapidation.
  • réseau - Secularism as an element of liberal humanism
    Far from solving the problem, the lack of intervention of policy makers in the debate on the religious issue encouraged the action of fundamentalists.
  • Harvard - No more Crusades - Rethinking Islam in the West, Bruce B. Lawrence
    No enmity is natural. Each arises from a specific set of historical circumstances. We in the West have fallen prey to the idea that Islam was not just a historical foe but also a natural enemy of Europe and later of the West. It was not so with the "red" enemy. When the Communist threat ended in 1989, the antagonism between the United States and the USSR turned into a quasi-alliance. By the mid-90s there was no longer a red menace; instead, there was a green enemy: Islam. Always lurking in the shadows, it emerged as a real foe during the Iranian Revolution of the late 70s. Since September 11, the "Clash of Civilizations" theory has dominated and incorporated all others.

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