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dialogue of civilizations by Ramin (2 replies) 31  5  2006 23:37:40
The "dialogue of civilizations" has become one of the keywords in the global discourse on issues of cultural globalization and international conflict resolution....
the ignorance about our/other countries by alper (10 replies) 18  4  2006 20:07:53
we all have wrong-known informations about other countries. i've heard that some europeans ask turkish people if they are from the european side or the asian side of...
some information about history by alper 19  4  2006 15:19:48
i think these links will help you to look at from different perspectives:...
about turks by arda 21  4  2006 0:55:37
this is a site about an exhibition in royal academy of arts in is about turks- a journey for thousand years (600-1600)
Re: the ignorance about our/other countries by Marco Sbandi - Naples 21  4  2006 18:48:59
C'est bien vrai. En Italie tous croient que les musulmanes sont machiste et il y a beaucoup de prejugement vis a vis des arabe, mais combien de homme italiens ont une...
Open your eyes! by Gina from Tripoli, Greece 27  5  2006 21:21:51
Just thought to drop in and leave you with a great quote by the great African musician Youssou N'Dour: "People need to see that far from being an obstacle, the world's...
about Kurdish by sacide Alkar 14  7  2006 12:47:25
All right ! Turks has proverbial fallacy but they are today hone cruelty go on. pelase kurdish look into.
author: Marta
date: 27  7  2006 8:20:57
views: 0

Ideologies and cultures conflict all the time. Thought, philosophy, culture, these are fluid dynamic forces in our world and they spread through communication, travel, trade, politics, and all other forms of interaction, including war. When two ideologies come into contact, their similarities compliment each other and blend, while their differences become points of contention. Sometimes they influence each other causing a cultural change or a blending of two ideologies. Sometimes they conflict, causing debate at the least, armed conflict at the worst. Usually both occur, and continue to occur as the interaction continues.
Ideology is about power by Paul 27  7  2006 11:37:22
Ideologies are about power. Priorities. Resource allocation. Values. Every ideology has people who guide it as well as people who benefit from it. And that is the source...
War on Terror by Marcus 27  7  2006 11:52:26
The War on Terror is the old Muslim Power Structure that refuses to adapt to the coming of Democracy lashing out to keep its power. What we now think of as "the War on...
War by Tony 10  1  2007 10:00:04
the global war on terrorism can no longer be dealt with in terms of Clausewitz's famous observation that "war is merely a continuation of politics by other means", made...
American spokesmen by Tom 27  7  2006 15:07:45
When giving speeches, American spokesmen unanimously since 1992 have enunciated the accommodationist approach and have shown themselves to be "culturally sensitive and...
oui à la turquie by Öztürk Yasin (14 replies)  4  2006 15:44:40
La turquie est un pays que seul les turcs peu connaître car il n'ya jamai eu de génocide arménien et nous tuons pas les kurdes mais les terroristes kurde (pkk). Mais la...
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