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war game by sacide alkar (21 replies) 25  7  2006 15:57:29
israel & holy grail ... Who are you want a war ? cold war the end. just hot war. death, blood, innocent people... everything allegedly freedom in order...
dialogue of civilizations by Ramin (2 replies) 31  5  2006 23:37:40
The "dialogue of civilizations" has become one of the keywords in the global discourse on issues of cultural globalization and international conflict resolution....
replyMiddle Age
author: Nour-Eddine
date: 31  5  2006 23:40:02
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When Europe's nobility could not sign its name, Cordoba's children went to school. When Europe's monks could not read the baptismal service, Cordoba's teachers created a library with over two million books on every subject of human life. This is a small page of European history which European scholars choose to either ignore completely or mention fleetingly in their history books. In this modern age of Western global dominance, we often hear how civilized, democratic, humane, tolerant, and enlightened Europe is and has been compared to barbaric, primitive, violent, and Middle Aged thinking, Muslims. Throughout the Middle Ages, Jews and Muslims borrowed a great deal from each other in the areas of philosophy, science, mysticism, and law.
Middle Age by Christophe 15  6  2006 10:33:32
I quite agree with you Nour-Eddine. Europe sees itself has the Light of the world but we can remind her some dark facts of its history: genocide of Indians in South...
the ignorance about our/other countries by alper (10 replies) 18  4  2006 20:07:53
we all have wrong-known informations about other countries. i've heard that some europeans ask turkish people if they are from the european side or the asian side of...
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