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oui à la turquie by Öztürk Yasin (14 replies)  4  2006 15:44:40
La turquie est un pays que seul les turcs peu connaître car il n'ya jamai eu de génocide arménien et nous tuons pas les kurdes mais les terroristes kurde (pkk). Mais la...
congratulation on anna lindh fondation by abdelkareem nabil soliman (6 replies) 20  4  2005 12:59:03
at first , i can not express with my happiness by opening of anna lindh euro-med fondation for dialouge between cultures among europe and mediterranean world which...
Re: congratulation on anna lindh fondation by Jean-Valère-Corse 17  5  2005 11:45:52
Have you an address, a site of the Fondation to give me? I would like to know more about it. Thank Yu JV
adress by dimitra 17  5  2005 12:29:10
hi, the address of the fondazione is fondazione laboratorio mediterraneo, via depretis 130, naples. best
Re: adress by Jean-Valère-Corse 17  5  2005 17:28:20
Thank you Dimitra but I wanted the address of the Anna Lindh Fundation ? Is it at the Council of Europe ? I can't find it, I'm not very proud to tell it!
replyanna lindh
author: dimitra
date: 17  5  2005 17:51:42
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Bibliotheca Alexandrina - P.O. Box 138 - Chatby, Alexandria 21526, EGYPT
Phone: +(203) 4839999 General E-mail:
Traugott Schofthaler, Executive Director
Re: anna lindh by Jean-Valère-Corse 18  5  2005 9:28:54
Thanks a lot for your quick answer !
address of foundation by abdelkareem nabil soliman 19  5  2005 16:15:25
you can visit this web site to know more about anna lindh foundation : best wishes to all abdelkareem nabil alexandria - egypt...
the short films by David (5 replies) 20  1  2005 8:38:09
thanks to the euromedcafe team! it is a great idea to have short films about cultural dialogue. It is so difficult to see different images. All we see on the official...
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