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congratulation on anna lindh fondation by abdelkareem nabil soliman (6 replies) 20  4  2005 12:59:03
at first , i can not express with my happiness by opening of anna lindh euro-med fondation for dialouge between cultures among europe and mediterranean world which...
replythe short films
author: David
date: 20  1  2005 8:38:09
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thanks to the euromedcafe team! it is a great idea to have short films about cultural dialogue. It is so difficult to see different images. All we see on the official media (TV) is partial, presenting only a side of the problem. I propose to have our comments and reactions about the short film on this forum.
Re: the short films by melquiades 25  1  2005 11:16:48
I agree with david, we can comment all the short films, it´s a good idea.
Re: the short films by Cécile  3  2005 15:14:45
En France, et plus largement en Europe, depuis longtemps, les alarmes, mesures et réflexions en faveur d'une non-uniformisation du paysage culturel sont nombreuses; à...
Re: the short films by Sam  3  2005 3:35:00
Hi Selim it is a pleasure to find such opportunity to share , discuss and reach a consience of mideterranean culture gather all countries in one culture and...
Re: the short films by Sam  3  2005 3:36:10
i'd love to join such activities
Re: the short films by Baraa Kassab  3  2005 9:44:54
I have downloaded the hamdan and zidan short clip. It is awesome and the idea is quite original. I really liked it and I wish you the best in the future.
mariages mixtes by amina (70 replies)  12  2004 11:54:43
Je suis une femme musulmane mariée à non musulman. Je voudrais recevoir des temoignages d'autres femmes et hommes qui vivent comme moi en couple "mixte" merci
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