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répondreNostalgic name
auteur: hadil
date:  6  2010 18:25:13
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hi Iman ,
thanks for your nostalgic film about the city , but i would like to ask you that do you have any relative or friends in Alexandria with similar name , i had a fiend in my school her name was Iman Kamel Ali and that was in the 1989 i lost her contact so i felt nostalgic for you and your name ...iam an Egyptian filmmaker too
Good luck in your thoughts approach
can i have your email
thanks for your art de kareem mostafa (0 réponses)  2  2009 18:58:30
nice to see people like you in our worl i geuss you are a ripe artist by the way i'm kareem 24 years from egypt and i have talent to be an actor and i still not got...
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